7 Ways to Support Independent Play

How often do your children play quietly by themselves? So many children today are over-scheduled and over-stimulated. They are attached to their electronic devices and play with toys that don’t leave much to the imagination. On top of that, parents are bombarded with so much information about stimulating their children. They start believing that as parents their role is to engage their children in some stimulating activity every second of the day. This is when parents start to believe that their input and direction is needed in order for their children to develop and learn - But this could not be further from the truth. Read More

Parenting Ourselves Instead of Our Children

“The true measurement of a good parent is not how the child behaves, but how the parent behaves” - Unknown Respectful parenting teaches us that the key to truly connecting with our children lies first and foremost in our own personal growth and the healing work we are willing to engage in as parents. In fact, ‘It all starts and ends with us’ is one of the most life-changing mindset shifts I’ve encountered on my parenting journey. It’s the idea that we should be spending much more time ‘parenting’ ourselves than parenting our children. Read More

Natural Consequences – Allowing ‘Life’ to Happen

I was in a beautiful toy store with my 3.5 year old daughter last weekend. After spending some time browsing around the store, looking at different toys and objects, she found two beautiful swans that lit up, sort of like a cozy night-light, One was pink, the other, white, and she was obviously captivated by them. She played with them the whole time we were in the store - so focused and peaceful, it was lovely. Read More

How To Confidently Say Goodbye To Your Child At School.

The first day of school is often met with a mix of excitement and anxiety for kids and parents alike. Separating from their parents weather it's their first day at preschool or if they are going back to school after the holidays can easily leave even the most upbeat child (and parent) in tears. So how to best say goodbye to our kids at school? Read More

Taking Your Child To The Doctor

Recently my 2.5 year had a bad fall and unfortunately got a pretty big cut on his forehead. We were at the playground and it was one of those things; His feet somehow got tangled together where he was standing so he randomly tripped and of course had to hit is head on the sharpest sidewalk edge I’ve ever seen.. and all of a sudden there was blood everywhere..! Read More

Breaking Up With Painful Patterns from your Childhood.

My own childhood wounds have always acted as one of the biggest drivers in my conscious, respectful parenting journey. This feeling of wanting to show up differently for my own children. Striving to break painful childhood patterns and through that work hopefully do better in the areas that I felt were lacking when I was growing up. Read More

The Mindset That Will Get Every Parent Through Challenging Days

She had a hard time today. My little girl. She was resistant and slipped into testing easily. She was frustrated at her brother and lashed out at him. She wanted to be left alone few times. She screamed. She lashed out at me, even tried to scratch and hit me,,, all with a tense semi-smile on her face, then crying - melting down. Read More