Kristín Maríella Friðjónsdóttir

My name is Kristín Maríella and I have a passion for reading, thinking, writing and talking about all things concerned with RIE® or what is often known as Respectful Parenting.

Hello, there. I’m Kristín Maríella. You’ve found the space in which I share my reading, thinking, writing and talking about all things to do with this life-changing magic called Respectful Parenting.  I am a mom of two children under the age of four, live in the tropical city of Singapore, am a classical violinist with a particular soft spot for romantic string quartets and operas, and am the co-founder of Twin Within, a conscious jewellery brand that celebrates confident and creative women.

I’m an impulsive “do-er” led by passion. If something fascinates me then it will most likely occupy my mind completely and that’s exactly how it was with Respectful Parenting. I chanced upon Magda Gerber’s RIE approach, through my all time favourite Janet Lansbury’s blog, in the summer of 2014 when I was a new mother to a six-month old girl.  I had such a strong gut reaction to this way of parenting when I first read about it, and the more I read, the more I couldn’t shake it. It made sense.

When I started seeing the immensely positive effect of Respectful Parenting on my daughter, myself and indeed, the whole household, I just knew there was no turning back.  To me, Respectful Parenting is simply magic. The approach itself worked like magic. My household’s “happiness index” got almost strangely high because of the change of attitude that occurred when we adopted this mindful mindset, which helped us start seeing our children and their way of being in a new light.  This, really, is the true magic: perspective. Any previously hidden magic of our children suddenly started unfolding right in front of us. This transformation has led me to my calling today. I seek to help parents build a healthy relationship with their children, one that both parents and children can enjoy with sincerity – A relationship based on respecttrust and connection.


Kristín Maríella studied classical violin and viola performance at the Boyer School of Music and Dance at Temple University, USA. Shortly after her studies, she co-founded the jewelry collection Twin Within with her sister, visual artist, Áslaug Íris. After Kristín moved with her family to Singapore she studied to become a doula and before long, she created the Facebook group “Mæðra tips” (mother’s tips) where she began to frequently post articles, research and her own thoughts and short blogs about pregnancy, birth and respectful parenting. The respectful parenting approach Kristin kept sharing about on Mother’s Tips started gaining a lot of interest from fellow mom’s in the Icelandic community. Early 2017 she decided to start a dedicated facebook group focusin on Respectful Parenting in Iceland and in the matter of a year the group grew to over 10.000 members. Kristin got the message of RIE and Respectful Parenting out there with the use of social media channels such as Snapchat and Instagram where she has done daily “stories” featuring different topics within Respectful Parenting each day.

To date Kristin has conducted parenting workshops for over 1500 parents in Iceland and Singapore, given talks and presentations for schools and early childhood educators, appeared on national television on the importance of child led play with open ended materials and has received funding for her RIE inspired, Pop-up Adventure Playground project in Iceland.

Kristín has for many years worked as a violin teacher for young children and founded child led music and movement appreciation class for young children named Moving Music with her colleague Kristín Björg, who is an educated occupational therapist and a dance therapist.

In 2016 Kristín attended several Respectful Parenting workshops in Singapore, two of them with RIE associate Elsa Chahin, president of Pikler/Lóczy USA. In 2017 Kristín got finished RIE® Professional Development, Foundations, course in Beijing where she studied under Ruth Anne Hammond former president of the RIE® Institute who is currently Kristin’s mentor on her ongoing journey in becoming a certified RIE associate.