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With every age comes new challenges and for some parents parenting only gets more challenging as our children grow older.

Is it too late to introduce more respectful and mindful ways of parenting when my child is older? No, it absolutely isn't, its never too late!
But it does look a little different when they are older.

A session designed for parents of children 7-12 y old.

Dealing with backtalk, lying, screen time, social influence and navigating their need for more independence.
How to respectfully set limits when it is difficult to follow through physically?
How do tantrums look like at an older age, and how to handle them?

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Next dates:
ICELAND - Reykjavik
Reykjavik: 13 January 11am - 14pm

Location - Hafnarborg Listasafn, Strandgata 34, Hfj

Instructor: Kristín Maríella

Respectful Parenting for older children

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