Welcoming the Waves of Emotions

Our children’s big emotions – How do we set effective empathic limits?

Imagine the transformation that happens within ourselves and our home when we are able to set the clear boundaries our children need confidently yet calmly. Like confident leaders that are not afraid of the upset that often follows the limit, not afraid of the big emotions. Capable captains that see further than the misbehaviour and actually understand what drives it.

To not only have the tools to support our kids learning journey in the most effective way: setting limits in a way that they actually LEARN something from, in a way that truly supports the development of self-discipline, a strong moral compass and intrinsic motivation but to also, as a parent, to gain the skill and mindset to start gracefully ride those waves of big emotions instead of being totally affected by the day to day ups and the downs that inevitably come with our ever-growing children. 

To finally get to replace the draining, guilt-inducing pattern of constant threats and punishment, bribes, manipulation, endless power struggle, worry and confusion with real learning, deeper connection, trust, healthy communication, incredible growth and mutual respect, all the while most importantly fostering healthy relationship where we get to choose to break the cycle of old patterns, triggers and unhealthy automatic responses, passed down to us generation after generation.

In this workshop, we go through transformative mindset shifts and gain a deeper understanding of brain development and how our children actually work.  We also go through practical tools on HOW to set limits and WHAT limits/rules to set (which can be totally confusing to most of us. Equally as importantly we start seeing our children’s negative emotions in a completely new light and begin to see the incredible value of allowing and validating all emotions.

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