Welcoming the Wonders of Parenting

A workshop on pretty much everything that respectful and mindful parenting stands for. We go through BIG mindset changes regarding what our true role is as parents and also what the role of our child is in our parent-child relationship.

In this workshop, we cover topics like:

  • The heart of respectful parenting, What does it mean to step into awareness in our parenting?
  • “Learning to learn” – facilitating real, deep, learning.
  • Natural gross motor development and body awareness
  • Supporting independent play and setting up the play environment
  • The importance of allowing frustration during learning and problem-solving. 
  • Growth mindset and praise
  • Why not rewards?
  • Social skills
  • Authentic and honest communication that builds trust and connection

    This workshop is meant to bring parents clarity and confidence. To start seeing their children with new eyes. To reduce the stress, the worry, the insecurity we have all faced in this challenging role. We answer questions like: What really matters? What are our true goals as parents? What do we ultimately want for our children?
    Sure we all want to do what is best for our children but how exactly?? There are SO much contradicting advice out there…!

    What the respectful approach ultimately teaches us is how to celebrate our children’s authenticity and support them in reaching their truest potential, to grow up in touch with their true self, with a strong sense of self-worth, intrinsically motivated to follow their hearts and ability to ultimately align with their life’s purpose.

Next dates:

  • Reykjavik Iceland

    December 1, 2019 11:00 am Book now

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