What they say

THANKS dear Kristín! You can’t imagine the effect that you’ve had on the parenting role here at our house. I’ve become a much better mother after having listened to and adopting your good advice. I often think about how lucky your children are to have you as a mother. Thank you!

Last year, I watched my friend with three children under the age of three be so calm in every situation and I was stressed and irritated with my one boy. She was helping me with him and I told her that this is how I wanted to be. Not this tired exhausted mom losing it screaming at a baby. She had been using RIE for two years. I never thought that I could stay this calm and let go of irritation until I realized how bad I was feeling from the irritation and realized how much it changed to let go of every situation that I can’t control, for example when my child is crying and interrupting others. To let go of these endless rules that don’t matter like not drinking the water so fast, not dropping crayons on the floor etc. It has really saved me from having to check myself into a mental hospital!

It’s great following you and learning from you, learning new methods and the most important part is that I have become more confident in myself and what I’m doing. People around me tend to criticise a lot (not the few that have really spent time with my boy) and I regularly remind myself that they’re not in this situation and don’t realize how it is.  I’m looking forward to your workshop this summer and hopefully it will help my husband to let go of these endless little rules and irritation – because it’s simply TOO good of a place to be at. 🙂 Thank you for letting us learn from you.

I just wanted to thank you for introducing me to this parenting approach. I’ve started adopting a lot of RIE in my parenting and I can’t believe how well this works on my daughter and how obvious it that she’s feeling much better now. I even got the best compliment in the world from her yesterday when she told me out of the blue “Mom, you completely stopped using your ugly voice, it’s much better. :)”