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One of my favourite things to do in life is to run parent workshops.  To stand in front of a full room of ppl and talk might not be for everyone, and for some it’s their idea of a nightmare but for me; I just simply love it. Nothing gives me greater joy and fulfilment than to share about respectful/mindful parenting. Because my love of the live workshop format I have now delivered more than 200 parent workshops in about 3 years and counting.

Here is more info on what I offer in terms of workshops and talks:

– 3 hour “Welcoming the Waves of Emotions” or “Welcoming the Wonders of Parenting” workshop for groups of (Maximum 60 pax)

– 6 hour full day workshop, a deep dive into the world of respectful parenting  (Maximum 20 pax)

– 2 full days – a customised workshop designed around your groups specific needs (Maximum 20 pax)

– Shorter length talks for larger audience and various events

Online Consulting

I absolutely love these calls. It might come as a surprise but these calls are so therapeutic – for me!
Just as much as they are helpful to the person calling in, there is just something about talking in depth about the challenging parts of parenting and navigate how to view whatever issue at hand through the lense of respectful, mindful parenting.

What I offer:
– 1 hour consulting call – $150 USD
– Long term mentoring, 4 sessions – $450 USD

When you book a session you will receive an email with a questions about what you would like to focus on during the call (or in person if you are living in Bali). The session can be about anything related to parenting;
Discipline, how to best navigate big transitions, starting school, welcoming a new baby into the family, your own triggers or feelings of overwhelm, breaking out of patterns and cycles that are not serving your family, toys and how to best organise the playroom and support play.

If you are interested in anything of the above just send an email to [email protected] with the subject header either “private workshop” or “consulting call”.

Looking forward to hear from you


Kristin Mariella