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by Kristín


Where parenting is based on respect,

trust and connection


One Mom’s Success Story Regarding Sibling Rivalries and Toilet “Learning”!

Dear Kristín,

I just wanted to send you a little note and thank you for introducing me to RIE, Magda Gerber and Janet Lansbury, amongst others.  I have now been studying this method for about two months; following you on Instagram and YouTube, reading articles and listening to podcasts – and I’m telling you: this has completely changed our family’s lives!


Grunnnámskeið RIE

Á grunnámskeiðinu er farið yfir alla helstu þætti Respectful / Mindful Parenting og hugarfarsbreytingin skoðuð sem á sér stað þegar við tileinkum okkur virðingarríkt tengslauppeldi.

Grunnámskeiðið verður haldið á eftifarandi stöðum:

Reykjavík (Hafnarfjörður) - sunnudagur 12. ágúst, kl 11-13.30

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Every parent on this planet should follow your work! Thank you!

Evu Rún Guðmundsdóttir

I’m so thankful for gotten to know this style of parenting, above all I feel so much more secure and confident as a mother, what a gift!

Sara Tómasdóttir

Thank you so much for an amazing class. I honestly cried from happiness on the way home I was so happy to have been there listening to your message and that my husband was there with me. Thank you for your work!


Thank you for an amazing evening course last week, it was wonderful to listen to you. Me and my husband related so strongly to everything you talked about and afterwards felt so inspired and ready to be the parents we want to be. I could swear to you things have been 100% better since

Klara Sif

THANKS dear Kristín! You can’t imagine the effect that you’ve had on the parenting role here at our house. I’ve become a much better mother after having listened to and adopting your good advice. I often think about how lucky your children are to have you as a mother. Thank you!


I just wanted to thank you for introducing me to this parenting approach. I’ve started adopting a lot of RIE in my parenting and I can't believe how well this works for me and my daughter and how obvious it that she’s feeling much better now. I even got the best compliment in the world from her yesterday when she told me out of the blue “Mom, you completely stopped using your ugly voice, it’s much better. :

Audur Georgsdottir