Hi There! 

I’m Kristín Maríella. You’ve found the space in which I share about all things to do with the transformative parenting approach called Respectful Parenting. I am a mom of two children under the age of four, although I'm Icelandic I've lived in SA-Asia for the past 7 years with my husband and kids, right now Bali is what we call home. 

For the past four years I have travelled the world hosting over 250 parenting workshops. I am so grateful to get to live my passion in life; Teaching parents how to start RIDING the waves of their children's big emotions, instead of getting stuck fighting them. 

The true measurement of a good parent is not how the child behaves, but how the parent behaves. One of the most life changing mindset shifts that respectful parenting has given me is the fact that parenting starts and ends with ourselves. It's the idea that we should be spending so much more time "parenting" ourselves than parenting our children. 

Who we are, how we show up in the world, when times are rough, when we are under pressure or being challenged - is what really sticks. Be it to teach it. 

Love, Kristin

“One day your child will make a mistake or a bad choice and run to you instead of away from you.
And in that moment you will know the immence value of peaceful, positive, respectful parenting.”
- L.R. Knost