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29 video lessons

The course is 7 modules - With each module broken down into bite size lessons (3-15 mins long) that teach you everything you need on how to set effective empathic limits and handle your child's explosive emotions.

Workbook + Printables

The workbook includes various exercises, journaling prompts & infographics as well as printable content that you can hang on the fridge: mantras, booklists, checklists and respectful language reminders.

Private FB Group

You will be invited to join Respectful Mom's Private Facebook group where you get to engage with an incredible community of like-minded parents and will receive extra support your respectful parenting journey.

"This course is parenting gold. Best parenting resource out there!" - Nicole Rubbi-Clark

What students are saying:

Already in tears. Wow. What a way to start a workshop.
I couldn’t set my phone down and was soaking up every word. 

Miranda Mergler, PH

Unlike any parenting course you’ve seen before. So many ‘Ah ha’ moments.

Aubrey Watts

Incredibly powerful! Kristin shares extremely relatable stories and myriad of practical tools, which I can begin to implement immediately.

Emily Clouten

Three modules into this course and I could not feel more confident in where this is going. Natural, empowering, kind and respectful. love love love!

Jodiel Caines

This was exactly what I and my family needed. This course left me in tears. Thank you for all you do.

Malissa Batchelor

Amazing and inspiring! The course is comprehensive, well organized, informative and inspiring. I loved every minute of it. Couldn't recommend this course any more - definitely 5 stars!!!!

Felicia Trager
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Every parent deserves to have the skill and mindset to gracefully RIDIE the waves of challenging scenarios, instead of being worn out and drained by the ups and downs of daily life with kids

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I'm Kristin

You’ve found the space in which I share about all things to do with this life-changing magic called Respectful Parenting. I am a mom of two, live in the tropical Bali, and for the past 4 years have travelled the world hosting over 250 parenting workshops. My mission is to give parents the tools to handle all the challenges that come with parenting with confidence and ease.

“Give a child your unconditional love, acceptance and respect, and you’ll save them a lifetime second-guessing if they’re worthy of it”
Kristin Mariella