What is RIE?

RIE stands for “Resources For Infant Educarers” and is often known as Respectful Parenting. RIE was brought to the U.S. by infant-development expert Magda Gerber in 1978. Magda Gerber, born in Hungary, had previously worked closely with paediatrician dr. Emmi Pikler and from that experience she framed the RIE approach that refers to giving babies more independence, allowing their natural abilities to flourish with minimal intervention and respect.


Natural and Logical Consequences – Allowing ‘Life’ to Happen

I was in a beautiful toy store with my 3.5 year old daughter last weekend. After spending some time browsing around the store, looking at different toys and objects, she found two beautiful swans that lit up, sort of like a cozy night-light, one was pink and the other was white and she obviously liked them a lot. She played with them the whole time we were in the store, so focused and peaceful, it was lovely.


Your child doesn’t need punishment to learn how to behave

As Peaceful Parents we don’t punish, lecture, manipulate or teach children “a lesson” in the traditional way when it comes to setting limits. At the same time, we who practice Respectful or Peaceful Parenting know how important it is to our children’s well-being and happiness to set clear boundaries and limits. To feel securely rooted, children need limits.


10 reasons why children’s crying is a good thing

Why should we welcome our children’s tantrums and see crying as a healthy part of all of our existences? Well, I’m going to give you 10 reasons why…