What is RIE?

RIE stands for “Resources For Infant Educarers” and is often known as Respectful Parenting. RIE was brought to the U.S. by infant-development expert Magda Gerber in 1978. Magda Gerber, born in Hungary, had previously worked closely with paediatrician dr. Emmi Pikler and from that experience she framed the RIE approach that refers to giving babies more independence, allowing their natural abilities to flourish with minimal intervention and respect.


The Problem with Labelling Children – Labels are Limiting


Conquering the Tree – The Power Of Readiness

I was in the park with my family last weekend.  In the middle of the park stands this beautiful, big tree.  Its large, sturdy branches grow close to the ground and you usually see the tree full of climbing children, finding their way up and down the trunk, focused and fulfilled by the wonderful task of tree-climbing.


Dear Kristin: How to Limit Screen Time?

“How would one respectfully limit screen time?  I did not use to give my now 25 month old screen time, but now that I’m pregnant with number 2, for my sanity, I’ve been indulging her.  However, I do want to limit her and always set a time frame or a number of videos she can watch. 

One Mom’s Success Story Regarding Sibling Rivalries and Toilet “Learning”!

Dear Kristín,

I just wanted to send you a little note and thank you for introducing me to RIE, Magda Gerber and Janet Lansbury, amongst others.  I have now been studying this method for about two months; following you on Instagram and YouTube, reading articles and listening to podcasts – and I’m telling you: this has completely changed our family’s lives!